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Our Philosophy

For some people, going to see an accountant is like going to the dentist: you know you have to go, but you're not looking forward to it, and you think there might be some pain involved.

At Sherck Hussey Johnson & McNaughton , we'd like to change the way people think about their accountants.

For more than 50 years, we have been committed to two principles: providing only the best, most professional services for our clients; and helping them feel at ease about the process.   The two go hand in hand.  The fact that our clients know they can count on us for the best in accounting services gives them peace of mind.  And our effort to help clients feel at ease is an integral part of the professional service we provide.

If you've worked with another accounting firm before, one of the first differences you'll notice about Sherck Hussey Johnson & McNaughton is that you'll not only have one of our members to work with directly, but all three members.   We are not a firm divided by account hierarchies, but a firm strengthened by synergy.

This philosophy carries through in everything we do.  At Sherck Hussey Johnson & McNaughton, every client, from our largest to our smallest, is assigned to one of our members.  Depending on your needs, you may work directly with one or more of our staff.  Each client's work is regularly reviewed and approved by one of our members.  The member responsible for your account is always accessible to answer questions or address your needs.

More important, we share ideas and information throughout the firm, so that if the member you usually work with should be unavailable, another member can probably provide the answers or support you need.  It is this atmosphere of shared responsibility that truly differentiates Sherck Hussey Johnson & McNaughton from other firms.  You get the accountability and dedicated attention of a small team of professionals working directly for you.  And you get the benefit of the expanded resources usually available only in larger firms.  We believe Sherck Hussey Johnson & McNaughton provides you the best of both worlds.

Working with an accountant doesn't have to be like pulling teeth.  If you're looking for a long-term relationship with a firm that truly wants to understand your business, provide you with the most professional service possible, and put you at ease throughout the process, call Sherck Hussey Johnson & McNaughton.


Company History

Our firm was founded in Downtown Indianapolis in 1943 by Anthony J. Jerman.  For decades, Mr. Jerman. maintained a small accounting practice at the corner of Market Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, primarily serving clients in Central Indiana.  Mr. Jerman took his first partner, John R. Gallagher, in 1968.

Today, SHJ is a bit bigger than it was in Mr. Jerman's day.  We moved to our present location at 1402 North Capitol Avenue on December 1, 2007.  In addition to our three partners/members, SHJM maintains a full staff of CPAs, degreed accountants, paraprofessionals, and support professionals, each committed to providing our clients with hands-on, thorough service.

Many things have changed since 1943.  But one thing has not: our dedication to doing the best work for our clients, in an open, professional, friendly environment.


Client Comments

"Sherck Hussey Johnson & McNaughton has really done the job for us.  We have operations in three states, so our accounting needs can get complicated.  But we can always count on Sherck Hussey Johnson & McNaughton for accuracy and timely service.  From preparing our tax returns to assisting us in the development of our computer systems and accounting software, Sherck Hussey Johnson & McNaughton is there for us.  Their support staff is uniformly excellent and we can always depend on them for the answers we need."

- Dee Carter, Secretary/Treasurer
C & T Design & Equipment Company, Inc.


"We've worked with Sherck Hussey Johnson & McNaughton for more than ten years, and we have a wonderful relationship with them.  As property owners and managers, we deal with more than 80 different tax returns for our ownership groups and more than twenty audits every year - not to mention 600 or 700 K1s that have to be prepared for our limited partners.  It's a lot just to keep straight.  Sherck Hussey Johnson & McNaughton does a great job, gets the work done on time, and charges reasonable rates.  They also know how to get their work done without shutting yours down - a particular benefit when you're dealing with audits."

- Chuck Merriman, Vice President of Operations
Barrett & Stokely, Inc.


"I have found Sherck Hussey Johnson & McNaughton to be extremely responsive to our needs.  They're great about listening to our questions and answering them in layman's terms.  We do much of our accounting work in house, and Sherck Hussey Johnson & McNaughton have been extremely helpful in getting our people up to speed and making sure they're following through.  The bottom line is, I don't have to have much hands-on involvement with the accounting, because I trust Sherck Hussey Johnson & McNaughton to be there for us."

- David C Keister, President
Mid America Radio Group, Inc.